Last but not least!

Post 23 of 23 things! Yay, I’ve made it!!!!! Ok, back to work…. I have already been using Hootsuite to pre-schedule Facebook and Twitter posts for our library account. Sometime sit is easier to post directly to each site, but if it’s going to be a busy period, if I’m going away or if there … More Last but not least!

Mobile things

I am a HUGE fan of my mobile, probably too much, I break out in a cold sweat if I can’t lay my hands on it. And our students are no different, so the more we can make our library services and resources available at the tap of a phone, the better. We had limited … More Mobile things


I’m a huge fan of infographics but had never had any luck with the free tools I’d tried. For #thing21 I tried out, and got on relatively ok. I think one of the hardest parts was deciding what to represent, and how to go about it. Of course I wanted to leap in and … More Infographics


I have to admit, I’m not a fan of giving presentations, although the thought of them is generally worse than the reality. I was recently asked to give a presentation on getting started with a literature review, something which I had to mug up on from scratch! What I forgot to check was the level of … More Presentations…

Copyright and images

photo credit: Bu Belle Beille 2015 | 13 via photopin (license) After last week’s success with finding Creative Commons images, I decided to explore more photo websites as images are something that I use a lot when promoting the library. The first site I came across was, a site that has been designed and … More Copyright and images

Flickr et al

I used to have a personal Flickr account as I have a morbid fear of losing all the photos stored digitally on my phone / camera etc, but switched to Google Photos because it ties in so seamlessly with my Google account / Gmail etc. So I was a bit peeved to learn that I … More Flickr et al

On reflection

This task has arrived at the perfect time for me. I’m in the middle of tackling my CILIP Chartership reflective writing, and wondering whether I’m doing it right / writing too much / being too descriptive etc. The examples provided on the Rudai 23 post are brilliant – thank you! I think I’m going to … More On reflection