Last but not least!

Post 23 of 23 things! Yay, I’ve made it!!!!!

Ok, back to work….

I have already been using Hootsuite to pre-schedule Facebook and Twitter posts for our library account. Sometime sit is easier to post directly to each site, but if it’s going to be a busy period, if I’m going away or if there is an event coming up that I want to release bit by bit, Hootsuite is perfect. I also used it to help me manage the #Chartership chat on Twitter last month, and it certainly helped me to keep up with the threads of conversation!

For this exercise I thought I’d try out Buffer and find out a) what it is and b) how I could use it.

buffer logoBuffer seems to work in a similar way to Hootsuite, although looks cleaner and simpler to use. I have decided to use it for my own library related accounts., i.e. my Twitter account (@amystraker) and the Chartership group that I set up on Facebook. This way I can more easily / speedily share information that I think will help people working towards #Chartership without having to remember to post to both sites. I am a huge fan of using technology to make life easier (and it can very easily go the other way!) -so it’s a thumbs up to Buffer from me!


4 thoughts on “Last but not least!

  1. Awesome! Thanks for this and all of your posts! A tiny request — would you be able to do up a quick post for Thing 9? You’d said you would be returning to it, but I don’t think I’ve seen it appear (unless I’ve missed it?). Thanks again, and nicely done! #rudai23

  2. Hi, and thank you.
    There’s a slight problem with Thing 9 in that our IT won’t let me download either piece of software – do you know of any screencasting websites that don’t need a download? I’ll start Googling…

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